On May 6, 2012, the full moon coincided with the moon’s perigee – its closest approach to Earth – creating a “supermoon.”  I captured the extra-big, extra-bright moon as it set over Detroit just before sunrise so as to have a glimmer of light on the skyline.

Mackinac Bridge

My once-in-a-lifetime climb of the Mighty Mac… 552 feet above Lake Michigan & Lake Huron! 10-6-12

Built In America

from “Mustang Alley” at the Woodward Dream Cruise, 2007

Pavel Datsyuk

The Magic Man is back! It was so great to see Pavel Datsyuk return to the ice – the first time since February.  The Detroit Red Wings have been plagued with injuries this year to the point that a playoff spot (their 23rd in a row) is far from assured.  But we are heading into […]

Tunnel Of Trees

One of Michigan’s most spectacular drives, M-119 in Northern Michigan is a narrow road engulfed in a mixed forest along the Lake Michigan coastline. It’s a scenic drive year-round but offers special majesty during peak autumn color.

Broken Packard

The Packard Auto Plant opened in 1903 as among the largest and most modern manufacturing plant in the world. An estimated 3.5 million square feet hummed with industry, as the now-storied American autoworker assembled the elegant cars, known for their beauty and engineering. The plant was shuttered in 1956 and became a place for graffiti […]

dog-faced fruit bat

Native to Southeast Asia, this guy calls Michigan home thanks to the Organization For Bat Conversation at Cranbrook Institute. He didn’t seem to mind posing for me!

summer swings

the carnival in your town… an annual tradition