Since its abandonment, the Packard Auto Plant has served as a haven for grafitti artists as well as urban explorers, paintballers, auto scrappers, gangs and the homeless.

Go Blue!

The Michigan Wolverines take the field


The perfect human, our fearless Captain Nicklas Lidström

The Lone Cypress

A symbol of strength, endurance and stability, no resident of Pebble Beach is more iconic than the Lone Cypress.  These trees are native to Carmel and Monterey and once blanketed Central California… but this single tree has defied the battles of elements that rage around it in the storms of winter, lightning of spring, erosion […]

San Francisco

In April 2013, I took a week-long photo expedition with the purpose of creating some unique images and learning some new techniques.  I started in San Francisco where I allowed myself two days to attempt to interpret the city from a different perspective which proved difficult for a city so often photographed.  Then I drove […]