Manarola, Cinque Terre: one of five tiny villages clinging to the cliffs along the Mediterrean coast. There’s no wifi and no cars… just beautiful sunset views of the rocky coast, secluded fishing beaches, incredible fishing and sunsets over the vineyards. Italians built these homes 1,800 years ago to flee pirates and barbarians who could not […]


The Grand Canal is Venice’s “main street” and the main traffic corridor for public and private transport, winding through the city.  (July 2011)

The Roman Colosseum

The largest amphitheater ever built. Construction began in 72 AD.  Surprised this long-exposure turned out as I had no tripod and just finished a bottle of prosecco for my birthday! (Photo: July 2011)


The Ponte Vecchio Bridge dates to 1345. It was the only Florence bridge left standing by the retreating German army in 1944. All others were ordered destroyed by Hitler. You can see the jeweler and blacksmith shops built onto the side of the bridge (on stilts) that are still used today. (July 2011)


The Papal Basilica of St. Peter has the largest interior of any Christian church in the world. Those letters across the top ring are seven feet tall. Construction began in 1506. This is where Pope Francis celebrates mass. It is the burial site of St. Peter and most popes. (June 2011)


Cinque Terre, July 2011

Piazza Navona

Two nuns walk home from work through the infamous Piazza Navona.  July 2011

Nozze Colosseo

Finding love among the ruins


It’s not very creative to take a photo of someone else’s art but in person, you realize why this is the Western world’s most famous sculpture. Michelangelo’s David was completed in 1504 and stands almost 20 feet tall. Carved from one single piece of marble. Breathtaking. And no photos were allowed, so I had to […]