The Gargoyle Watches Over Paris

High atop of the great cathedral of Notre Dame, half-man/half-beast Medieval monsters are perched above the city of Paris.  Carved out of stone, these creatures have watched over Paris for over 800 years.   I created this image in July 2013 after climbing 422 spiraling steps in the claustrophobic bell tower… but the magnificent view was worth it!

2 Comments on “The Gargoyle Watches Over Paris

  1. My name is Rebecca, I was in Paris at the Notre Dame Cathedral in 2000 when they had the entire eiffel towel lit up, I had just graduated High School. I am a photographer now, boy oh boy i wish i would have had my 5D with me then!!! 🙂 This is an EPIC shot!!! I know the work that goes into it, but you gotta shoot what your eye wants!! 🙂 Nice one!!!

  2. Spectacular! How cool to touch and photograph something with such history!

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