Grand Haven Lighthouse

The Grand Haven Lighthouse built in 1905 and the original fog signal & outer light building built in 1875 mark the entrance to the Grand River on Michigan’s West Coast.  The wind chill on January 25, 2014 was -24 degrees, allowing me to walk out on the frozen lake to capture this image… and then seek warm shelter fast!

2 Comments on “Grand Haven Lighthouse

  1. I was born in St Joseph and have seen some of the awesome public Silver Beach/pier lighthouse pics. I was wondering if you had any pics of this famous lighthouse in SW Michigan??!! I LOVE your radio show and just discovered your photography. It’s AMAZING!!

    • Thanks, Donald!
      I’m sure I have that lighthouse SOMEWHERE in my files… I’ll have to dig and see if I can find it to post.
      Thanks for visiting the site

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