The Grand Canal is Venice’s “main street” and the main traffic corridor for public and private transport, winding through the city.  (July 2011)

Piazza Navona

Two nuns walk home from work through the infamous Piazza Navona.  July 2011


A Clone Wars clonetrooper from the Great Lakes chapter of the 501st Legion.  Motor City Comic Con, May 18, 2014


U2 at Spartan Stadium, June 2011 The biggest rock band in the world brought the massive rock show to Southeast Michigan in the form of the “360 Tour.” The 360 degree open stage gave every fan in the 65,000-plus crowd a great view… but particularly, this photographer/fan.  

Lincoln Memorial

This iconic landmark was built in tribute to President Abraham Lincoln, who fought to preserve our nation during the Civil War, from 1861-1865.  The memorial sits on the National Mall in Washington DC and has been the site of many famous speeches and events since its dedication in 1922… most notably Dr. Martin Luther King, […]

Grand Haven Lighthouse

The Grand Haven Lighthouse built in 1905 and the original fog signal & outer light building built in 1875 mark the entrance to the Grand River on Michigan’s West Coast.  The wind chill on January 25, 2014 was -24 degrees, allowing me to walk out on the frozen lake to capture this image… and then […]


July 2013

London Dragon

Charles Bell Birch’s Dragon was unveiled in 1880.  It marks the entrance to Temple Bar.  There are several cast iron statues of dragons (a symbol for London) that mark the boundaries of the City of London.

our new puppy

The newest member of our family is a mini English Goldendoodle named Dublin. Our first dog!  He has been such a good puppy and the are girls absolutely in love. He is 9 weeks old in this photo… the first time I finally got a chance to capture him with my camera (and not my […]

summer swings

the carnival in your town… an annual tradition