(My Lidstrom Slideshow) Those who played with Nicklas Lidstrom still say he’s the best defensemen they ever played with. Those who played against him say he’s the best defensemen they ever played against.  The Red Wings never missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Lidstrom’s 20 seasons.  He won four Stanley Cups wearing the red sweater.  […]

Happy Birthday, Detroit!

Happy 312th Birthday, Detroit!  Go ahead and make jokes about us. Say what you want. We gave birth to modern music, we have amazing food, a vibrant art scene, some of the greatest early 20th Century architecture, championship sports teams that make other cities jealous and most importantly, the pride and resilience of the people […]


My portrait of Hockey Hall of Fame 2013 inductee Chris Chelios.  Cheli is one of hockey’s top 10 defensemen ever (best among U.S.-born players) and won two Stanley Cups while playing for the Detroit Red Wings. And he is the only player to have ever taken a hockey stick to my camera after a frustratingly-close […]


On May 6, 2012, the full moon coincided with the moon’s perigee – its closest approach to Earth – creating a “supermoon.”  I captured the extra-big, extra-bright moon as it set over Detroit just before sunrise so as to have a glimmer of light on the skyline.

Built In America

from “Mustang Alley” at the Woodward Dream Cruise, 2007

Pavel Datsyuk

The Magic Man is back! It was so great to see Pavel Datsyuk return to the ice – the first time since February.  The Detroit Red Wings have been plagued with injuries this year to the point that a playoff spot (their 23rd in a row) is far from assured.  But we are heading into […]

Broken Packard

The Packard Auto Plant opened in 1903 as among the largest and most modern manufacturing plant in the world. An estimated 3.5 million square feet hummed with industry, as the now-storied American autoworker assembled the elegant cars, known for their beauty and engineering. The plant was shuttered in 1956 and became a place for graffiti […]


Since its abandonment, the Packard Auto Plant has served as a haven for grafitti artists as well as urban explorers, paintballers, auto scrappers, gangs and the homeless.