Grand Haven Outer Light

The Grand Haven Outer Light building (foreground) was built in 1875 and includes the original fog signal marking the entrance to the Grand River on Michigan’s West Coast.  The unique v-shaped pierhead protects the building from the fury of waves and storms but this causes ice & snow to build up each winter until the […]


Grand Haven Lighthouse

The Grand Haven Lighthouse built in 1905 and the original fog signal & outer light building built in 1875 mark the entrance to the Grand River on Michigan’s West Coast.  The wind chill on January 25, 2014 was -24 degrees, allowing me to walk out on the frozen lake to capture this image… and then […]


moon & stars over Kent Lake

A strong magnetic storm on the sun combined with a subzero polar vortex sweeping through Michigan meant conditions were favorable for the Metro Detroit area to possibly view the Northern Lights!  This is a rare occurrence that happens about every 12-15 years.  I packed up my gear and braved -6° temps but Aurora Borealis never […]


Walled Lake Thunderfest

The annual boat races on Walled Lake, Michigan Click Here to see the full set: http://buzzclickphotography.com/boatrace/


Mackinac Bridge

My once-in-a-lifetime climb of the Mighty Mac… 552 feet above Lake Michigan & Lake Huron! 10-6-12