Kris and I joined our daughters’ Girl Scout troop on a trip to Savannah, Georgia.  Such a beautiful city with rich heritage! I managed to break away from the group to capture a few images along the way.  Click here to see the gallery: (April 2015)  


random backyard shot, 2008 on Kodachrome film

Caribbean flamingo

San Diego Zoo, April 2009

moon & stars over Kent Lake

A strong magnetic storm on the sun combined with a subzero polar vortex sweeping through Michigan meant conditions were favorable for the Metro Detroit area to possibly view the Northern Lights!  This is a rare occurrence that happens about every 12-15 years.  I packed up my gear and braved -6° temps but Aurora Borealis never […]

dog-faced fruit bat

Native to Southeast Asia, this guy calls Michigan home thanks to the Organization For Bat Conversation at Cranbrook Institute. He didn’t seem to mind posing for me!

The Lone Cypress

A symbol of strength, endurance and stability, no resident of Pebble Beach is more iconic than the Lone Cypress.  These trees are native to Carmel and Monterey and once blanketed Central California… but this single tree has defied the battles of elements that rage around it in the storms of winter, lightning of spring, erosion […]

Ocean’s Roar

I finally understand why Big Sur is called “the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world.”  I watched the sunset from Garrapata Beach and took my time to capture the huge surf crashing into the jagged rocks.  I was both humbled and intimidated by the size of the waves!  This was my favorite […]