Vines highlight how a once-beautiful stadium lay in ruins, awaiting demolition.  Baseball had been played on the site since 1896… five years before the Tigers or the American League existed.  In 1999, the last Tigers game was played in old Tiger Stadium as the team moved to Comerica Park.  I attended that final season and […]


Gorilla, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. 8-19-08


Trip over one of those roots and you may find yourself in an 8,100ft. free fall straight down!  Bryce Canyon, Utah.  7-1-08

Teenage Tiger

Yearbook Photo

Michigan Central Train Depot

The grand symbol of Detroit’s urban decay, Michigan Central Depot opened its doors almost 100 years ago.  Closed for years, no other Detroit ruin can quite match it for shear magnificence.  It was the tallest and busiest train station in the United States when it opened December 16, 1913.  On Michigan Avenue between Corktown and […]

Lee’s Piano

Lee Plaza is a beautiful art deco building in Detroit. Constructed in 1929, the 15 story hotel is on the National Register of Historic Sites.  Since the early 1990s, all of the artwork, wiring, fixtures and valuable material has been removed illegally by scavengers… except for this grand piano which was built into the ballroom […]

polar bear from below

He weighs 1,150 lbs… when do you begin to question the glass tunnel that you are standing in?  This photo was taken in the underwater exploration at the Detroit Zoo’s Artic Ring of Life.  3-26-08

Tiger Stadium

“The Corner!”  The Detroit Tigers called Michigan & Trumbull home from 1896 to 1999.  I attended two games in its final season and it is now gone… a grass field surrounded by chain link fence..  10-25-06

The “D”

Detroit, Michigan 12-30-06

My Detroit

The city was lit up beautifully as she hosted the 2006 World Series.  Some adventurous friends joined me on a climb of a downtown abandoned hotel to capture the spirit of Detroit.