Happy Birthday, Detroit!

Happy 312th Birthday, Detroit!  Go ahead and make jokes about us. Say what you want. We gave birth to modern music, we have amazing food, a vibrant art scene, some of the greatest early 20th Century architecture, championship sports teams that make other cities jealous and most importantly, the pride and resilience of the people who live here is unmatched!  The boots on the ground know that there is a new city rising from the ashes.  Great things are happening.  The transformation has begun not only in the buildings and streets but in the hearts of those who live here.  Motown. The Motor City. The D…  Regardless of national headlines and late-night jokes, I will always love this city.

(Photo taken in October 2006 – 200mm at ISO 250, shutter speed 1/2 second, f/2.8)

One Comment on “Happy Birthday, Detroit!

  1. Beautiful picture. This is what I think of when I think of Detroit. Not the scum that run it! Thank u for the pic!

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