White Sands, New Mexico

I traveled to White Sands, New Mexico in September 2017 to photograph the sand dunes, mountains and unique plant life that can survive its harsh 110°  temperatures. It’s surrounded by a missile test range and the largest military installation in the United States. It’s also a few miles from where America tested the first atomic bomb! These images look much better on a big screen than on your tiny iPhone.

As I was hiking through a torrid landscape with a jug of water on my back to keep me alive, the fierce winds & water of three hurricanes were causing unbearable destruction elsewhere. So when I returned, I made these desert photos available to you with all sales proceeds to benefit Hurricane relief in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. I also promised to match all donations. Well… I lied. I QUADRUPLED proceeds! Nine relief organizations will receive a total of over $3,000 thanks to your interest in my photography. The receipts are at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your kindness!

sand dunes in black & white


Between the dunes, grasses thrive where other plants might perish


stars over the Sacramento Mountains


white sands sunset


The purple sand wildflowers are used by American Indians as a mild sedative for reducing nervousness, anxiety, and tension.


the powerful Chihuahuan Desert


late-summer flower pods


the golden hour




In God’s Country


full moon on the horizon, red from the haze and smoke of the California wildfires



My lens captured what your eyes can’t see: three large sunspot groups have made a beautiful mess of the Sun’s otherwise smooth complexion. These sunspots were caused by massive sun solar flares this week, one was the biggest since at least 2008. NASA noted that when the electromagnetic radiation from the sun erupts, it can affect radio station and GPS signals for minutes or hours. That’s why you have been hearing static on your morning drive!


soaptree yucca


it looks like snow… but it’s sand!


yucca in morning light


white sands


full moon rising


The San Andres Mountains on the horizon




moonlit dunes (taken at 10pm)



For the past month, I donated all sales proceeds of my photo prints to hurricane relief and matched your donation x3 so that over $3,000 was donated to the 9 organizations below. Thank you for your kindness!


I was still filling orders last night… you guys are the best!

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