San Francisco

In April 2013, I took a week-long photo expedition with the purpose of creating some unique images and learning some new techniques.  I started in San Francisco where I allowed myself two days to attempt to interpret the city from a different perspective which proved difficult for a city so often photographed.  Then I drove down to Monterey where I met up with two experts in the craft. Immense thanks to Michael and David for passing on the knowledge that has landed them on the pages of National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, USA Today and others.  I came home with some new tricks up my sleeve (or in my gear bag).  Together and alone, we explored Big Sur and the California Coastline.  It was such an incredible trip filled with steep granite cliffs, surging ocean, centuries-old architecture and charming seaside villages. Along with the dense noisy streets of San Francisco and its unique neighborhoods, I was able to create a portfolio I’m proud of.

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