moon & stars over Kent Lake

A strong magnetic storm on the sun combined with a subzero polar vortex sweeping through Michigan meant conditions were favorable for the Metro Detroit area to possibly view the Northern Lights!  This is a rare occurrence that happens about every 12-15 years.  I packed up my gear and braved -6° temps but Aurora Borealis never showed that night.  I snapped a few pics before frostbite set in and I headed home.  I always say that 90% of good photography is being in the right place at the right time with your batteries charged… this just wasn’t the right time.

photo taken Jan 9, 2014 at 1:02am, Kensington Metropark, Milford MI

EXIF: 16mm 13 seconds at ISO 1600, f/8.0  (with some flashlight painting on the tree branches)

5 Comments on “moon & stars over Kent Lake

  1. Colleen, that’s a half moon… the starburst effect came from the long-exposure (13 seconds).

  2. Beautiful photo. I love nature shots. This my first time viewing your photos. Don’t know what took me so long.

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